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Our Story… It all began in 1992…

Junior Poon is a qualified Civil Engineer but has always worked part-time in the hospitality business during his early years before changing his career path to take up catering instead, for his love of food and people. He started his training in Bristol in the early 80s working as a washer-up-cum-kitchen porter in his first two years of apprenticeship. He worked his way up through the ranks; cooking, waiting at tables and during his last four years of employment as a manager, overseeing the whole operation of the restaurant. It was in the early years of his employment when he met his wife to be, Rena, who came to work part-time in the restaurant while she was a student.

Together, they formed a strong bond and trust, believing in doing better for themselves and for their customers. They both shared the same vision of providing only the best and to exceed their customers’ expectations as far as possible. They both decided to take the plunge into going on their own in the early 90s and started searching for a suitable site for their new venture. In mid 1992, on a sunny afternoon, on their way to Weston-Super-Mare for a day off from work, they decided to take a detour after seeing the sign Clevedon. As they drove into Clevedon without any purpose but rather mainly from curiosity, they stumbled upon the premises No. 16 Hill Road, Clevedon for sale by chance. Until today, they both believed they were ‘guided’ to it and were meant to be. From then on, the long arduous journey began…

Junior and Rena started refurbishing the premises into a Chinese Restaurant with nothing more than whatever they can afford. All the equipment and furniture were second hand and bought out right. Their belief was, ‘if we can’t afford it, we won’t have it’. Junior’s business principle is simple and he used to quote, “I can’t control what’s coming in but I will control what’s going out!” Even ice for the restaurant was manually made daily with ice trays in their second hand freezer in the early years without the privilege of an ice machine. Junior used to joke, “It’s hard work but at least it’s fresh (the ice)”. Each warm plate served was done by running it under hot water and dried by hand before being served to customers, as a hot cupboard was not provided in their budget when they started. The restaurant was furnished with rugs, ornaments and table lamps from Junior and Rena’s own private home! Their home was depleted of all the nice things they both have accumulated leaving a very empty house. But it did not matter to them as they hardly spent time in their house and also realising the sacrifice one had to make when being self-employed. Working sixteen hours a day and seven days a week for them was very normal then. It was a hard and challenging time for them in their first six years but equally exciting and rewarding as both were striving in doing what they believed in.

Only with sheer grit and patience, driven by their desire to provide only the best for their customers with the support and smiles they get in return, has created what Junior Poon is now.

Located on Hill Road, the Victorian part of Clevedon; JUNIOR POON is housed in a prominent Grade II Georgian building built in 1846 by Sir Arthur Hallam Elton originally for a pharmacist to serve the community. Hill Road was one of the first streets outside London to have street oil lamps and there is still one standing in front of the building.

From a humble beginning in 1992, with lots of passion, hard work and care…it has created itself into a local institution in Clevedon. We are an independent restaurant committed to creating an experience that exceeds all our customers’ expectations. Junior always reminds his loyal crew that his name is on the door and that letting the customers down means letting him down. With an unrivalled reputation for service, every customer is important to us and treated individually, fulfilled of each need, with various dietary requirements including vegan and gluten-free diet.

Junior, the co-founder of the restaurant is still actively involved in the day to day running of his establishment, ensuring all his customers’ needs are met. With his team of dedicated front of house and chefs working diligently, treating their food creation with respect and using only the finest ingredients and skills to produce consistently delicious fresh food for all his discerning customers whom have travelled from far and wide. Junior Poon, now serving third generation customers, is a testimonial of the consistency of the good quality food and service it provides.

The restaurant has its own separate private function room catering up to forty-two people and a wine bar serving Chinese tapas for those who would prefer a more casual dining experience. Junior Poon is a venue, always working harder to accommodate all its customers’ requirement with passion.

Junior believes that exceeding his customer’s expectations will only be good enough. He will continue to do what he enjoys most supported by his joyful team spirit and the amazing faithfulness of his fabulous customers.

Junior’s journey will go on with Rena’s support, quietly behind the scenes these days and will always be his ‘rock’ till the end…

To those next twenty years…

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